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Which dog is smarter?

Dogs are not only great companions, but they are also animals that can learn complex commands and adapt to difficult situations, indicating that they have developed intelligence.

Many people prefer to choose their dog breed based on their intelligence, so here are the 10 smartest dog breeds, starting with the last one.

Australian livestock farmer

10. Australian Cattle Dog
As the name suggests, this breed of dog is native to Australia. These dogs are mainly used for herding and excel in this field.

They are children of a cross between a dingo (a type of wild dog from Australia) and a shepherd dog of British origin. The result is a loyal, but hyperactive dog that needs to be constantly aware of its master.

Physically, it has a coat with blue or red spots, a shoulder width of 40-53 cm and a weight of about 15 kg.


9. Rottweiler The Rottweiler
is a dog that, unfortunately, has been mistreated, especially as a fighting dog by undesirable owners, to the point of being classified as a potentially dangerous dog.

Actually, this dog is not aggressive, despite its imposing physique, on the other hand, it is extremely loyal and protective, which makes it an exceptional guard dog, especially towards your favorite children, but can also be wary of strangers. For this reason, you must be well trained so that your protective nature is not compromised.

The Rottweiler also has an excellent sense of smell, which is why it is often used as a search dog or to defend territories.

This breed has a black coat with tan and is physically very imposing, with a shoulder width of 55-70 cm and a weight of about 50 kg.

Spaniel enano continental

8. Dwarf Continental Spaniel
This small southern European dog is also known as the “butterfly spaniel” because its long, extended ears resemble butterfly wings.

It is said that small dogs are usually less intelligent than large ones, but this is not the case with this dog, which is an excellent apprentice. In fact, they can learn all sorts of tricks through active training, but due to their small size, continental spaniels can be very shy at the slightest sign of aggression.

This breed is also used as a therapy dog, calming patients in addiction treatment centers (among others) and caring for the elderly.

Physically, the Spaniel is far from being a carnivore, with an average shoulder height of only 28 cm and a weight of between 1.5 and 5 kg for larger males. Their fur is mostly white with spots of various colors.


7. Labrador The popularity of the Labrador has grown over the years, and for good reason, the Labrador
is an ideal dog for the family, with a playful, loyal and cheerful character. However, it is important to note that even as adults, Labradors may not be aware of their size and strength, and may have small accidents when playing with children.

The Labrador is also a good apprentice and is often used as a service dog for people with visual or hearing impairments.

eukanuba adulto 15 kg

The physique of this brave animal is well known. The color of their coat is very variable and ranges from white to black, from beige to chocolate. Their size ranges between 53 and 60 cm at shoulder height and weighs about 30 kg.

Perro pastor de Shetland

6. Shetland Sheepdog The Shetland Sheepdog is originally from the Shetland
Islands of Scotland and was mainly used as a sheepdog, a task that he performed perfectly.

Now he has adapted very well to family life and is a loyal dog, suspicious of strangers but good with children. However, their sheepdog instincts need to be stimulated with daily exercise, which is good, as they can learn endless tricks.

Physically, the Shetland has a long, double coat that can come in a variety of colors (black and white, black and yellow, and many other colors). It has an average length of 36 cm and an average weight of 8 kg.


5. Doberman Like the Rottweiler, the Doberman
Pinscher is the victim of a bad reputation that dates back to World War II, when the German army used it as a war dog because it was the only breed that was not afraid of flamethrowers.

Although it is not a breed that we recommend for beginners, the Doberman can be a very loyal, protective, good dog with a close relationship with its owner and an excellent guard dog.

However, you have to be careful when raising him, especially not to be violent with him (which should be normal, but it is always good to explain), otherwise he can develop a distrust of people. He also needs to be tired and cared for on a daily basis.

Even today, this breed is still used by the police or the army as a police dog or to protect the territory.

The Doberman’s physique impresses many with his predatory appearance. It is tall (60-75 cm) and very thin (40 kg on average). The color of their coat is similar to that of the rottweiler, that is, black and brown.

golden retriever

4. Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever
is a dog originating in England, originally as a hunting learning dog.

Since the 1990s, this dog has become very popular with families because it is very kind to children and also very playful and intelligent. Its great intelligence is what makes it the most used guide dog for the blind, even before the Labrador.

Pienso Ultima para Perros Golden Retriever y Labrador con Pollo

The Golden Retriever is similar in size to the Labrador (so they are often confused), but differs in that it has a long coat.

It has a fur between cream and dark gold (hence its name), measures between 50 and 56 cm and weighs about 30 kg.

El pastor alemán

3. German
Shepherd As the name suggests, the German Shepherd is a dog originating in Germany. It is best known as a police dog for its agility and intelligence to quickly learn new orders.

Therefore, it is used as a guard dog, search dog and even as an assistant for disabled people. It is also ideal for families because it is very friendly to children and very loyal to its owner. However, it is important to note that this dog does not like to be bored and therefore needs regular stimulation to thrive.

taste of the wild sierra con cordero

The German shepherd is similar in size to the wolf, except that it has a black coat with brown spots. It measures between 55 and 65 cm long to the shins and weighs between 20 and 40 kg.


2. Poodle
The poodle, once a hunting dog that chased ducks and other aquatic animals, is now known as a dog capable of learning a number of clever tricks.

The poodle is also a great family dog, but it needs a lot of attention because it is very close to its owner and can sometimes become depressed if its owner is absent for a long or long time.

The poodle has a familiar body shape, with curly or wavy hair and a very different coloration. It is about 35-40 cm long and weighs about ten kilos.

border collie

1. Border Collie The Border Collie
is considered everywhere to be the smartest dog in the world, because it can perform very complex tricks in record time. He is also the star of agility competitions, winning first place in most of them.

At home, it is a dog that usually needs stimulation and activity to be really satisfied, as it hates boredom, which is apparently due to its ancestry as a sheepdog.

The Border Collie has a long black and white coat, measures about 50 cm and weighs between 15 and 25 kg.

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