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How to keep your dog from barking at delivery drivers

Spending time at home leads to more visitors at the door, whether it’s grocery delivery, Amazon package delivery, or food delivery.

 Isolation in the house means your dog has fewer opportunities to socialize, which leads to fewer interactions with new people.

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 Although barking is a form of communication for your dog, it can be intimidating and make people on the other side of the door uncomfortable. Check out these tips to help your locked dog stay calm at the front door.

Reward the quiet

When your dog detects someone’s presence outside your door, he perceives them as an intruder and wants to let them know immediately.

Pay attention to incessant barking. Teach your puppy that he doesn’t have to bark every time someone shows up at the front door. When he stops barking, reward him with his favorite treat and congratulate him for being a good dog.

 This teaches them that if they don’t bark, they will receive a special prize. Consistency is key, so remember to reinforce this behavior whether the door is opened by you, your children, or your housemate.

Ignoring the barking

It’s natural to want to teach your dog that his behavior is undesirable by talking to him, but when it comes to barking it’s best to ignore them.

Pet play and exercise park, metal fence panels

If your puppy barks when you knock on the door or ring the doorbell, don’t respond to this behavior by talking to or scolding him. When you raise your voice, the dog thinks you are joining the excitement and will continue to bark.

If the barking continues, try to turn your puppy’s back so that he understands that the noise does not cause him to react. Although your instinct may be to open the door to stop barking, this actually rewards bad behavior. Don’t give up. Don’t open the door until it calms down. As soon as you stop barking, immediately reward your dog by patting him on the head or saying “good boy or girl.”


Direct your dog’s attention to the person at the door. Does your pet have a favorite toy? Keep him close to you so you can ask him to pick him up, not only to get his attention but also to stop barking.

Teach your puppy to respond to stimuli by focusing his attention on another activity, such as lying in bed.

Do this by placing a treat on your bed and mentioning, “Go to your bed,” when your dog responds to this, try opening the door while lying in bed, but if you do, close the door immediately.

Continue until they stop reacting when you open the door. The next moment your dog will be the silent recipient.

Tire your dog

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A tired dog is a good and happy dog! Make sure your puppy gets enough exercise and mental stimulation each day.


This will make you bark less out of boredom, frustration or pent-up energy. The amount of activity your dog needs depends on his breed, size, age, and health.

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