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Pedigree Vital Protection Dog Food in Bag

Pedigree Vital Protection Wet food in bags in sauces or gelatins for adult dogs, of various flavors, 100% balanced, without added sugars, without artificial colors, aromas or preservatives.

PEDIGREE Vital Protection – Bagged Dog Food, Chicken, Veal, Poultry and Lamb Sauce, 40 x 100 g, Large Pack


Rating 4.5


PEDIGREE Vital Protection Wet Food in Bag contains a wide range of delicious options.

Each of these options provides 100% balanced nutrition for your dog, with a high percentage of animal proteins such as beef, chicken, rabbit and turkey.

This wet food contains all the nutrients necessary for a healthy and balanced diet and has an irresistible taste.

Natural fiber promotes a healthy diet and the calcium it contains strengthens bones and joints. Zinc, combined with sunflower oil and omega 6, promotes healthy skin and a shiny, silky coat. Other important minerals and vitamins help your dog’s immune system.

In the production of this food no artificial ingredients are used, in addition, this food does not contain added sugars.

Thanks to the practical dispensing bag, the food is easy to distribute and is especially suitable for small and medium dogs.

It can also be mixed with food or used as a treat.



Sauce: organicmeat and animal by-products (39 % including 4 % turkey), vegetables (4 % carrots), cereals, minerals, plant by-products (including 0.5 % dried beet pulp), oils and fats (including 0.5 % sunflower oil), vegetable protein extracts.

Pâté: meat andanimal by-products (including 50 %, including 4 % beef or chicken), vegetables (including 4 % carrots), cereals, minerals, vegetable by-products (including 0,5 % dehydrated beet pulp), vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats (including 0,5 % sunflower oil).

Gelatine meat and animal by-products (39 % including 4 % beef), minerals, vegetable by-products (including 0,5 % dehydrated beet pulp), oils and fats (including 0,5 % sunflower oil), vegetable protein extracts.




7.5 %


5.5 %

Ceniza bruta

2.0 %


0.3 %


82.0 %


0.4 %


0.23 %


In gelatin / in sauce.

Vitamins: vitamin D3 150 IU, vitamin E 50 mg.

Trace elements: calcium iodate anhydrous 0.39 mg, copper sulphate pentahydrate 5.7 mg, iron sulphate monohydrate 10 mg, manganese sulphate monohydrate 5.6 mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 107 mg.


Vitamins: vitamin D3 250 IU, vitamin E 66 mg.

Trace elements: calcium iodate anhydrous 0.56 mg, copper sulphate pentahydrate 8.2 mg, iron sulphate monohydrate 15 mg, manganese sulphate monohydrate 8.4 mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 71.2 mg.

(*milligrams per kilo of product)



5 kg

2 sobres + 40 g de pienso o 3 sobres y medio al día

10 kg

3 sobres + 75 g de pienso o 6 sobres al día

20 kg

5 sobres + 125 g de pienso o 10 sobres y medio al día

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