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Furbo dog camera

Furbo camera for dogs with two-way communication, bark alert, night vision and candy launcher.

Here you have this review of the Furbo camera in case you still have doubts.

Camera for Dogs


Furbo is a camera designed for owners who don’t feel comfortable when their dogs are home alone, or who don’t trust them to cause chaos when left unattended.

Fun throwing treats, throw your dog one or several reward treats with the free Furbo app for iOS/Android.

Full HD camera and night vision. With its Full HD video mode, wide-angle vision and night vision, Furbo lets you see the entire room, day or night.


You can have a two-way conversation with your dog at all times.

Barking alert: Send a notification to your smartphone when your dog barks, so you can reassure him in real time. Furbo has smart sensors that automatically detect barking.

Rating 4.5

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