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Welcome to Perretes, here you will find the best opinions, comparisons and reviews of products related to one of the most important members of our family, our dog.

Everything for the Food and Care of your Dog

We know that the care of our furry friend can sometimes be overwhelming, so our main task is to make an exhaustive analysis of the products we need for the daily care of our dog. To do this, we take into account various variables such as value for money, brand and user opinions to suggest the best products for our beloved dogs.

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Allergy season for dogs

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Good nutrition is a big responsibility. The question of feeding our dog should be appropriate to its age, size, breed and possible health problems.
One way to tell if your dog is getting the right food is to see if he produces “quality (easy-to-pick) feces.”

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When we get into the topic of nutrition, choosing a brand of food for our dogs can become a daunting and exhausting task. There are thousands of brands of food and it is important to choose the one that is safe, healthy and nutritious for our pets. So how do I know if I’m choosing the right foods I buy, let’s examine this question a little more closely and hopefully answer your question.

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Where to start?

Healthy dog food is becoming a growing concern for pet owners, as we often find that well-known brands we trusted are producing unhealthy food with low-quality ingredients.

It can be difficult to find quality dog food. Therefore, it is important to know what our furry friend should and should not eat.

Many pet food brands offer highly processed products that can be extremely harmful to our dogs.

Personally, when I check the ingredients on a dog food label, I make sure that the first ingredient is an enriched protein and contains no meat byproducts.

Products such as cornmeal have no value to the dog and are normally only used as a filler.

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The Diet

You should keep in mind that preservatives may be necessary to maintain the freshness of food, but they should not be artificial or unhealthy. In fact, you can drastically reduce these concerns by reading labels.

The B.A.R.F. diet (short for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is also a popular choice for healthy dog eating, as it is considered the most natural choice for them.

Probably the best way to make sure your dog is on a healthy diet is to prepare his own based on the nutritional requirements that your veterinarian will indicate when examining him.


Healthy Eating

Owners who feed their dogs cheap processed foods (which I’ve been guilty of as well) may find that their pets don’t have as much energy as other dogs, have a dull coat, often get sick, and need to go to the vet frequently.

The best and quickest solution to this problem is to switch to a natural dog food that provides them with the healthy nutrition they need to thrive.

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet can eliminate many of the aforementioned side effects of a poor diet. However, the switch to a healthy diet for dogs should be done slowly, as dogs must adapt to different types of food and completely detoxify from their previous diet. I learned it the hard way.

Each dog is a world, just like us, some are prone to gain weight, to have digestion problems … Since every dog is unique, if you’re thinking about changing your dog’s diet and have any questions, it’s best to consult your veterinarian first.

Another essential ingredient for the life of the dog is water, this should be offered clean and fresh in a clean bowl at all times.

A tip: avoid plastic bowls and opt for stainless steel ones, they are more durable and prevent the accumulation of bacteria.


The variety of feed that is touted as the best dog food is interminable, with exotic ingredients that are more delicious than most people’s dinners.

We dog owners have to choose from piles of dog feed packages with fantastic names, which contain a mix of ingredients like beef, lamb, pork and free-range chicken.

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But reading all these dog food labels can be exhausting, especially when everything seems delicious, and it’s hard to know if a food is quality, natural, grain-free and “healthy”… It’s really good for our dog, or it’s just an exaggeration.

So, what should the best dog food contain? The feed is the most comfortable dog food, because it can be left for hours or days and does not smell (so much).

Wet Food

Wet food is more palatable to dogs because of its texture and smell. It is also less processed, which means it is closer to natural protein.

Wet dog food contains more water, which makes it easier to hydrate compared to feed. This is very useful for dogs with a tendency to dehydration or who simply do not drink enough water.

Wet dog food is usually best for those with any food sensitivities, especially vegan wet dog food.

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However, wet dog food has some potential drawbacks. Although it has a longer unopened shelf life, it can deteriorate quickly if left outside at room temperature. Therefore, store leftovers in the fridge immediately after serving it to your furry.

Hygiene and Health

Like any other pet, dogs need their daily grooming. Dog hygiene includes regular brushing, cleaning and parasite control. You can do it yourself or hire a professional hairdresser.

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The Paws

The paws of a dog are subjected to great wear. If it is a puppy it can get its paws very dirty, so it is essential to keep them clean. If they show signs of dryness or irritation, wash their paws with mild pet soap or put booties on them.

Oral Hygiene

Unfortunately, many pet owners don’t place the importance it places on their dogs’ dental care. We should brush our dog’s teeth, buy him plenty of chew toys, and schedule frequent visits to the vet for dental cleanings (the vet will determine the frequency).

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To ensure that our furry receives proper dental hygiene care and avoid the spread of bad breath, we must regularly check the color of the gums and tongue.


Exercise is fundamental for the health of our pets, they are active and like to pull, search, chase or run.

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Exercise not only burns calories and keeps dogs healthy, but it also keeps them busy and prevents the development of problematic behaviors. In other words, if your dog is playing with his favorite toy, he won’t need to bite your shoes.


Follow these tips and you will always have your faithful friend happy and content as he deserves.

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