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Artero Pretty Eyes eye cleanser

Artero Pretty Eyes is an effective eye cleaner for dogs with excessive tear production, removes unsightly dark spots around the eyes and on the muzzle.

Suitable for prolonged use.

Artero Pretty Eyes. Eye cleaner. Removes tear stains from dogs and cats

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Some dog breeds are prone to tearing due to excessive activity or obstruction of the tear ducts.

In light-haired dogs, these eye creams can leave unsightly black spots.

With regular use, Artero Beautiful Eyes will completely remove stains around your dog’s eyes, in addition, this professional care product helps prevent the problems associated with excessive tear production.

Simply dip gauze or cotton in the Pretty Eyes cream and apply it around the eyes and at the corner of the lips.

If your dog is in an acute phase of tear production, it is recommended to use Artero Pretty Eyes twice a day, in the morning and evening. Apply twice a week to keep the coat clean and free of spots.

The Spanish brand Artero has more than 100 years of experience in the pet care sector and works in collaboration with veterinarians and professional hairdressers.

With the Artero Pretty Eyes professional eye cleaner, the hair around the eyes and at the tip of the mouth is beautiful and without spots.

Rating 4.5

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