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Amazon Basics Pet Play and Exercise Park

Amazon Basics 106.6 cm pet play and exercise park for your pet to exercise and play, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With door, for dogs up to 66 cm in height.

Pet play and exercise park, metal fence panels


The Amazon Basics pet play and exercise park provides plenty of space and an enclosed, comfortable place.

Soon you will have an enclosed space where you can interact with your pet, whether to explore, exercise, play or simply have extra space to move and stretch.

This pet park is quick and easy to set up (no tools required).

It has eight metal panels already welded with metal assemblies to form a unit that opens like an accordion.

You can shape the park in a circle, square, rectangle or other desired shape and then connect the two end panels using the four included metal clamps.

These panels can also be used to close parts of a room or to prevent pets from entering certain areas.

Rating 4

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