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How to remove dog piss odor

Accidents happen, and it’s all part of the puppy’s training process. Even if you have to deal with the terrible smells of carpet and try to eliminate the smell of dog urine from it, do not overdo it if your dog has an accident inside the house.

If you are still training your puppy, you should avoid adopting habits that encourage him to relieve himself indoors, and you should take him outside as much as possible.

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If you’re wondering how to remove pee odor from your carpet, follow these simple steps.

Keep in mind that if you notice that the carpet is dirty regularly, you’ll need to establish a solid cleaning routine and possibly take your dog to the vet to rule out any underlying health issues, especially if you have an older pet.


You’re probably also curious about how to remove the smell of old dog urine from your carpet. So, here’s my take on how to get rid of that smell of dog urine.

How to Remove Dog Urine Odor from Carpet

If your furry best friend has a urine accident inside the house, clean up any stool or urine residue as soon as possible. If you don’t, your puppy will believe it’s the right place to relieve himself. Then it will continue to do so.

Positive reinforcement for going to the bathroom

You’ll also need to reconsider your training and offer more regular outdoor breaks. If you have to be away from home for a long time, another alternative is to hire a pet sitter.

To remove urine and stool stains, as well as odor, remove and vacuum all urine or feces.

The next step is to clean the carpet with a commercial pet cleaner.

If you’re wondering how to remove that old smell of dog urine from carpeting, enzymes are used in specialized carpet cleaning products to neutralize urine and feces stains. These enzymes will help you eliminate the smell of dog urine.

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Carpet cleaning treatments for the smell of dog urine on the task are inexpensive and can be easily purchased in pet stores and supermarkets. You must follow the instructions to make sure that the products work properly.

If your dog soils the interior of the house regularly, you will have to figure out how to help him. Maybe you made a mistake during the training process and need to review your training at home. Your dog may suffer from a health problem that is common in older dogs.

Even if you notice that it gets dirty regularly, never get angry with your puppy or adult dog. If you have an older dog, you should contact your veterinarian to see if diapers for older dogs are necessary.

If you’re having trouble training your dog to pee, seek help from a positive dog trainer.

You can even do it through Zoom or Skype to learn how to really work with your dog and get the best results through positive training.

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How can I remove dog urine from my carpet?

The dog’s urine is absorbed into the carpet as an acid that destroys the fibers in the carpet. When dog urine dries, an alkaline residue is formed.

If urine salts are not eliminated with a professional pet cleaning product, the smell of dog urine can persist for years.

During the winter, when there is a lot of dry air, this smell may not be significant, but in humid regions, the ammonia in the urine reactivates and begins to smell again.

How can I eliminate the smell of urine from my couch?

If your dog has urinated on your couch, you’ll need to clean him with a professional cleaning product similar to carpet cleaning products.

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After cleaning the couch, keep your puppy away from it so he doesn’t have a chance to remove in the same position.

You can also cover the sofa with a laundry basket or blanket until the smell disappears. If the smell persists after you’ve cleaned your couch, you’ll wonder how to eliminate the smell of dog urine.

How to remove urine odor from the sofa

We love our dogs, but there’s nothing worse than smelling like dog urine in the house.

If you have a small male dog, you may have more problems. Dogs use their urine to show where they live. On the other hand, smaller dogs also like to do it indoors.

To start, find the part of the sofa that needs to be cleaned. Then, use the pet urine and odor eliminator to eliminate odor and urine. If your pet has soiled the wooden floor, use a special tile and wood cleaner to remove urine and odor.

You will notice that your dog stops, sniffs and urinates a lot on your walks. Dogs also use territorial marking to tell other dogs their sexual cycles, their age and who they are and what they do.

It’s a sign that your dog owns that space, or just a way to increase the number of dog urine in that spot. But, let’s talk about how to remove the smell of old dog urine from the carpet and how you can help your pet.

How can you avoid marks inside?

If your dog likes this, it can quickly become a big problem. Favorite sofa, corner table, potted plants, and even door frames are all good places to hide. The dog’s urine smells bad, so you’ll need to figure out how to get rid of it. No, it won’t smell good.

Although it’s an important part of canine life, you’ll need to teach your dog to do it outside, taking more walks. You should think about neutering your dog, especially if it is a dominant dog. This is because male dogs urinate more frequently and are more likely to mark furniture.

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When you clean the carpet, your dog will keep marking and you will wonder how to eliminate the smell of dog urine again.

If you don’t let your pet do it, you can get rid of the odor by cleaning the areas with a professional pet carpet cleaner.

Prolong time outside

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If your dog has a long history of leaving marks on your favorite couch, you may want to put him outside more often. So you can urinate every two or three hours. Go outside once an hour, even if you only go to the first tree in your neighborhood.

The dog will be able to mark “its territory” and you won’t have to ask yourself the same question about how to eliminate dog pee odor on your carpet over and over again.

How to teach your dog to mark outside

Training your dog to mark things on the outside instead of on the couch is a simple way to keep carpets and furniture clean. Never ever punish your dog. If your dog has had this habit for a while, a few months of positive training with a mix of long and short walks will keep his bladder as full as possible. This will help you stay healthy.

You can also clean your dog’s urine with paper towels and spread it around the garden. On your walks around the neighborhood, you can do this with your dog so that he wants to mark his space.

When your best friend smells his own smell, he’ll want to write it down. You can reward him with a treat or a compliment. If you don’t have enough time, hire a pet sitter to help you get your pet to do this.

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