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Child and dog

Sooner or later, many families will want to have a pet, often, the new family member will be a dog.

Children and dogs come in different combinations, from babies, to teenagers and dogs. It can also be the other way around, that the dog is in front of the child.

Girl and dog

Another aspect is which four-legged friend joins the family. If we think and focus on what is important, when a child grows up with a dog, it is enriching for the whole family.

Parents have a responsibility

Often, the desire to have a furry comes from children, perhaps because a friend or neighbor has a dog, or they have seen something on TV about dogs, or because four-legged friends are a topic of conversation at school.

Like all pets, dogs need regular care and attention, but there is something else for dogs, they live in a home and are by your side in their daily lives giving love and companionship.

Because you see people as true companions and want to be considered a trusted “team leader,” you need careful training that goes beyond running or playing with them.

Parents, as adults, are always responsible for this and children can often feel overwhelmed, so it is important to assume that not only children, but especially parents, should love a dog.


Child and dog

Depending on the age of the children, some of them can take care of one or another task, although the upbringing of the dog depends on the father.

For safety reasons, walks are mainly the responsibility of adults or older youth, younger children may accompany their parents for a while.

The child’s age

When is the right time for a dog? This is easier when children already understand what we are explaining to them.

At this point, it may be easier to spend time with a dog than with a child whose puppy is about to crawl, for example, but there are also different levels of stress for one person, while the other may feel overwhelmed with a puppy alone.

Everyone who is a parent, knows that caring for a child, although it is a highly rewarding task, can be quite stressful depending on the situation. With a dog (saving the distances) the process is similar.

The age of the dog

When a four-legged friend who is no longer a “puppy” comes to the family, he has already had a previous life.

perro niña carrera

It is not always possible to know how it will behave in the different situations that may arise in relation to children. Although the dog is used to children, in a new home the children will not be “his” at first, but strangers.

Adult dogs of unknown origins should not be placed in a home with small children without supervision.

Toallitas de entrenamiento para mascotas

The puppy may do more work at first, but it’s still a blank sheet of paper and is a “boy” in its own right.

In this way, you can let it interact exclusively with everything that belongs to its own environment.

If the dog arrived earlier

If your dog was there before the baby’s arrival, his life will change drastically with the baby’s arrival. Especially if it is your first child and has been the center of attention.

It helps that the intended parents think about what will happen to the baby months before birth, for example, should the dog sit on the couch while the baby is breastfed? Do you have a quiet place to retire to? Are you used to not everything revolving around you?

All the things that should or will change automatically with the arrival of a baby is better to introduce and practice them long before delivery, this will avoid a lot of stress for everyone, on the other hand, the dog will not associate the changes with the arrival of the baby.

A dog “suitable for babies”

Although it can be associated with certain breeds, there is no dog that is automatically “suitable for children” or not suitable for a family.

perro y niña

There is no genetic predisposition, there are quieter, nervous, shy, fearful, and many more.

If a family with children decides to acquire a dog, they should choose carefully and pay attention to certain aspects. A relaxed, calm and open dog is more suitable than one of strong or even insecure temperament.

Cama para perros

These characteristics are usually observed already in puppies, however, they must be taken care of and that the puppy is aware of its environment and interacts with people.

It is also important to inform yourself about the breed you are interested in. What did he grow up and grow up for? What are the typical characteristics of a representative of this breed?

Safety first

Although this friend has been domesticated and integrated into the family, we must not forget that it is a dog. No matter how patient he is, children don’t have to hug him and walk him around non-stop.

You should pay attention to the signs of stress and conflict, for example, if the dog raises his lip and begins to show his teeth, growls and turns his head away, the next step is a bark or a bite. This is the last moment to separate the child from the dog.

There are many videos on the Internet of children lying on dogs, crawling, etc. All this is quite irresponsible and dangerous.

Collar de Adiestramiento para Perros

As a general rule, you will not have a problem with a dog, although if it is the first for you, think about it very well and put on a scale the (many) pros and cons of having a pet at home.

Although it is very rewarding to have a dog, it is a very big responsibility and it is preferable not to have a pet, to have one as a whim and after a couple of months abandon it.

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