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Why do dogs mark territory?

The goal of marking the territory of dogs

Dogs mark the territory they claim with their urine (and occasionally their droppings). Dogs mark their territory to alert other canines of their presence. In addition, their urine indicates the range and reproductive condition of the dog.

dog urinating
dog urinating

Can sterilization prevent marking?

Unneutered dogs are more likely to mark than neutered dogs.

Medical problems

Before evaluating whether your dog is dialing, you should rule out some medical problems.

Incontinence is the first potential medical problem that could occur when a dog has an involuntary “leak” or complete discharge from the bladder. Most dogs with incontinence are not aware that they have soiled it.

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It’s also possible for your dog to suffer from a urinary tract infection (UTI), which can cause him to often urinate small volumes of pee. If your dog licks his genitals excessively, it can also be an indication of a UTI.

The third option is for your dog to be suffering from an illness or taking a medication that causes him to urinate frequently.

Continuous urination

Submissive, excited, and anxious urine are classified as “uncontrollable” ways of urinating.

dog defecating

Your dog urinates during welcomes, play, physical contact or punishment, which is known as submissive urination. If this is your dog’s problem, he can adopt a submissive posture when you interact with him.

Needless to say, if your dog becomes overly excited, he will urinate.

Your dog’s anxiety-induced urination is the result of anxiety taking over.

Component added to environment

Is your dog suddenly dialing inside the house? Your dog might start marking his territory more aggressively if there’s a recent addition to the house or another recent change in his environment. This is not simply limited to your home.

The yard, the park you go to, the path you walk or other places you frequent could also be included. People, animals, furniture and other objects can be considered new elements in the environment.

How to prevent a dog from marking the outside

During walks, does your dog mark his territory? If so, you might want to shorten your dog’s leash. Dogs should follow us instead of leading the way and pulling us.

If you reduce the leash and walk with a purpose, you’ll prevent your dog from marking where he pleases. Stop walking from time to time and, with your feet firmly planted, say many times, “Go pee.”

Praise your dog after he relieves himself and let him explore the area around him and sniff the ideal place to relieve himself. (This won’t happen the first time, so it’s critical to keep doing it.)

You can demonstrate your authority and allow him to use the bathroom by telling him “go to the bathroom” and choosing the place where he can relieve himself. With my dog Lolo, I have used this strategy, and he has reacted admirably.

If your dog’s pee is causing the death of your lawn, keep these suggestions in mind.

Walking the with brands

Sara, my dog, used to mark often when I adopted her. At the time he wasn’t aware that he scored, and he would stop to go to the bathroom every few minutes. We learned to put an end to this after taking her to an obedience class, and now she uses the bathroom when instructed.

The dog fixes its territory inside the house

When your dog urinates inside the house, it’s really annoying. Here are some ideas to convince you to stop.

estatua de perro

How to prevent a dog from urinating inside the house

Every hour or two, start by taking your dog outside to relieve himself regularly. It can be heavy, but you can extend this period of time as you learn how much time you can spend without going to the bathroom inside the house.

For at least two weeks, keep your dog on a leash indoors. After two weeks, gradually introduce it indoors without a leash. You’ll feel more at ease giving you free rein in the house as you both get closer and more confident.

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It is reasonable to say that he is well trained if he spends two weeks without having accidents or marking in the house. As a rule, it takes two weeks of perseverance to educate a dog to perform a certain job.

Strict dog marking rules

We understand how annoying it can be for your dog to leave residue inside your home. The most important thing is to never punish your dog.

When you return home, if you find that your dog has left marks, you should clean him (with the spray mentioned above) and move on. The dog will not understand the purpose of a belated punishment and will not know why it is being punished.

What should you do if your dog dials?

If you catch your dog dialing, you can correct the behavior by saying “bad dog” or “no” to associate marking with something unwanted. Take your dog outside to relieve himself if he has time (even if he won’t always relieve himself once outside).

If the dog scores, you can clap repeatedly or put some money in a jar and shake it. The dog will be frightened by these noises and can stop.

Do you have to buy diapers for your dog?

Consider buying dog diapers if you’ve tried behavioral training, but it’s still completely the same on day one.

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To choose the best diaper for your dog, study well. There are several types, from reusable to disposable and male and female.

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